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Easy Sing® was born from the need to put together all the training experiences I acquired during more than 20 years of singing study. I had the honor and luck to study with great masters from all over the world, as well as having obtained certification in 2006 in the USA with Seth Riggs, inventor of the Speech Level Singing method, becoming the longest-lived Italian teacher of the method in Italy .

My training is in continuous development, because for me it is essential to have more and more means and knowledge to be able to help every type of singer ..

Over 20 years as a performer and 15 as a teacher, they have led me to understand how we can help each voice to improve to fully express their uniqueness.

Easy Sing® is my educational background, which I have filled over the years and now I am ready to share with all the singers who want to exploit the full potential of their instrument, and the teachers who try to offer competence and professionalism.

So make yourself comfortable: your luggage is ready ... let's go! Welcome to this wonderful journey as long as a dream, welcome to Easy Sing®!


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Easy Sing
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Easy Sing® is a singing method that helps students to sing without inappropriate tensions, in total freedom of expression and reaching their full extent.

The singer will reverberate with a healthy, strong, free and agile voice in all the notes, from the most serious to the most acute with a connection between the various registers.


Easy Sing® is a singing method that is not based on equal exercise packages for each singer, which tend to standardize the way of studying and not to enhance the skills of each individual by slowing down the progress of execution and learning.

With Easy Sing® each singer will have his own path studied ad personam to solve any bad habits and enhance the quality and uniqueness of each voice.


The Easy Sing® method uses exercises built on each student at each lesson based on each singer's unique and individual needs. Thanks to this peculiarity, the results on each student will be effective immediately from the first lesson and will grow exponentially without wasting time on those who want to immediately learn the right vocal technique, throughout the course of study.

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Logo Easy Sing.png